Nasser Hashem & Partners in Cairo and CS Global Partners company has signed the terms of cooperation.

CS Global is one of the leading international firms in the field of immigration, citizenship, and permanent residence. Mr. Alexander Bello( CEO of CS Global partners) signed on behalf of CS Global and Nasser Hashem on behalf of Nasser Hashem & Partners. Our Cairo office would be the tenth branch of CS Global to serve North Africa and the Middle East.

Gulf News

Four lawyer on trial for insults in court document 

An Emirati lawyer has filed a criminal complaint against four lawyers, who he accused of insulting him, in a civil claim document presented to court...

Partnership with Al Kabban & Associates Law Firm

We're happy to announce our new partnership with Al Kabban & Associates Law firm in the United Arab Emirates and Iraq to provide full legal and arbitration services in the countries mentioned.

Submitting the British former Prime Minister for trial


In this respect, we are ensuring the achievement of the international justice and the enforcement of law. Accordingly, we held a press conference in Cairo in order to start taking legal procedures against...


بيان صحفي


اكد مكتب ناصر هاشم و مشاركوه للمحاماه و الاستشارات القانونيه بالقاهره الوكيل القانوني لكلا من الفنانتين عبير صبرى و فريال يوسف...


تصريح بالترافع امام محكمه تمييز دبي


اصدرت إداره شؤون المحامين و المستشارين القانونين القرار رقم ٦٢ لسنه ٢٠١٥ للمحام ناصر هاشم بشأن الترافع امام محكمه تمييز...


اتفاقيه تعاون مشترك


تم توقيع اتفاقيه تعاون مشترك بين مكتب ناصر هاشم و مشاركوه و مدينه تونس الاقتصاديه وقام بالتوقيع ممثلاً للمكتب الاستاذ...

The National

British plane spotters released from UAE jail


DUBAI // Three plane spotters walked free from a court on Monday despite being found guilty of taking photographs of aircraft at Fujairah airport....


British plane spotters freed from prison in United Arab Emirates


Three British plane spotters who have been held in prison in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for eight weeks accused of espionage are being released without charge..


Three UK plane spotters held in UAE to be released today


Three British citizens arrested in the United Arab Emirates after they were found plane spotting near Fujairah airport are to be released Monday, their lawyer, Nasser al-Hashem, tells CNN. The three have been in jail since February 22...


Lawyer: Charges dropped in UAE for 3 British plane spotters


Attorney Nasser Hashem told The Associated Press that the men would be free to go after the court accepted a defense argument that they were pursuing...

BBC - Dubai

Plane Spotters: UAE-detained Britons face wait for court hearing


A court hearing for British plane spotters held over allegations of suspicious behaviour in the United Arab Emirates has been postponed for a week...

CNN Arabic - Dubai

محام: البريطانيون المحتجزون بالإمارات بعد مراقبتهم لطائرات في الفجيرة سيطلق سراحهم الأثنين


دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة (CNN)—قال المحامي ناصر الهاشم، إن البريطانيين الثلاثة الذين احتجزتهم السلطات الإماراتية بعد قيامهم...


7days - Dubai

Plane Spotters expected to be freed after two months in jail


Three men caught taking pictures of planes near Fujairah airport were due to be released from custody on Monday night after being cleared of espionage...

7 days - Dubai

British plane spotters held on spying charges


Three men are facing espionage charges after they were caught plane spotting near Fujairah Airport...


قضيه الاسبوع



مرافعه المحامي ناصر هاشم في قضيه اختلاس بالقياده العامه لشرطه دبي، حجزت الدعوى للحكم قي ٢٦/٣/٢٠١٥

قضيه الاسبوع



مرافعه المحامي ناصر هاشم في قضيه سرقه شيكات المسروقه التي حجزت للحكم جلسه 3/5/2015



قضيه الاسبوع

 مرافعه المحامي ناصر هاشم في قضيه سرقه شيكات ب٢٠٠ مليون درهم



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