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NZ musician detained in Dubai over marijuana


                                A New Zealand musician has been detained for a week                                   at Dubai International Airport for possession of                                             marijuana.

                                A customs inspector caught the 48-year-old New                                           Zealander, identified as B A, after searching him and                                       finding about 25gm of marijuana, the Gulf News reported.

It quoted the man's lawyer Nasser Hashim as saying: "My client was travelling from Ethiopia to New Zealand, via Dubai in transit, when the customs inspector detained him after finding the marijuana in his pockets.

"He hasn't been referred to the Public Prosecution yet."

Mr Hashim said the man, a father of 13 children, four of whom he has fostered, sent him a letter asking for support and assistance in seeking "pardon and deportation".

In the letter the man described himself as a renowned musician who dedicated his life to nurturing underprivileged children and families through the art of music and musical expression.

Mr Hashim said that as a birthday gift, the man's children and family paid for him to go to Ethiopia for the African Millennium.

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